TK Days: Jan. 11 – 15

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Dental & Health Exams/Forms Due

You received a reminder email this weekend regarding outstanding exams/forms that are due for students if you are still missing one or both forms. These are the required Dental Exam and Physical Exams that are needed for school. If you have already turned these in, you do not need to worry and will not receive a reminder email.  Thank you! 

Seesaw Independent Reading Assignment

Some students received a Seesaw Assignment to reread their Alphabet book on video. This is very helpful for your students practice and for me to get a look at their reading. As a reminder:

  • Have them tilt their camera down so I can see the text 
  • Have them use their pointer finger to point (1 tap per word) as they read.
  • Have them read the book completely independently. If they need help guide them to use the picture and check the first sound of the word. 


This past week we made winter mittens! We listened to the story of The Mitten by Jan Brett. Let your student be challenged in cutting, gluing, drawing, etc. The goal isn’t for it to look like my sample but to create their own unique piece of art. 

We aim to have student TRY and send the message that we believe “THEY CAN DO IT” even when it’s hard or new. When we jump in to do the challenging parts we are showing our doubt. Productive struggle is so good for students and they would be getting much more of it in class, if we were in a typical year. 

Check out this little artist and her masterpiece from this past week! 


We will continue our learning about and growing from Martin Luther King and his beliefs and ideas this week! Our art on Friday and this upcoming Tuesday are inspired by this great man! 

Asynchronous Work for January 18 – 22nd

As we have worked a schedule to limit student online time, try to get practice on these platforms for student practice.

  • Math – ST Math
  • Independent Reading – RAZ Kids  or Book Bag (read books 3-5 times each)
  • Seesaw – Assigned within Seesaw
  • WRITING  – Submit 1 piece of INDEPENDENT writing each week on Seesaw (done with paper and pencil/crayons). Please have your child use the camera feature to submit a picture of their writing. Then have them use the microphone feature to record their writing and submit with the green check.
    • If your child is NOT writing sentences, have them label a picture (with their own spelling or letter label for each item) and submit a photo and recording of it.
    • If your child is writing sentences, they can write a Beginning/Middle/End story about myself OR write a letter to Mrs. Miller asking me and telling me anything they would like. They may include a picture and must submit a photo of the writing and recording of them reading it.

Anonymous Feedback Form

If you have feedback (positive or constructive) or ideas please take a moment to share your thoughts and feedback! I am loving getting to know the kids better and that they are getting to know each other better despite the challenges we don’t typically deal with! Anonymous Feedback Form


Save these Dates

  • Upcoming Distribution Days (TK/K)
    • Tuesday, February 2nd
    • Tuesday, March 2nd
  • Martin Luther King Holiday – NO SCHOOL – Monday, January 18th
  • 100th Day in TK – Wednesday, February 10th
  • Valentine’s Celebration Day: Thurs. Feb. 11th 
  • President’s holiday – Friday, February 12th – Monday, February 15th 

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 1/18/21


Tuesday – 1/19/21

  • Morning Meeting
  • Art Lesson @ 10:30 (Materials Needed: White rectangle paper, crayons and black writing pen) Post finished product on Facebook!

Wednesday – 1/20/21

  • Morning Meeting
  • Music with Mr. Waczek, 10:30 – 11:00

Thursday – 1/21/21

  • Morning Meeting
  • Technology Class – We will be practicing to minimize and do one of our online apps. This is also to help all students get on RAZkids, ST Math regularly. Please practice minimizing zoom with your child this weekend if your child is NOT able to do this independently. 

Friday – 1/22/21

  • Morning Meeting
  • Music with Mr. Waczek, 10:30 – 11:00
  • Friday Announcements from Ms. Sloan
  • All School Dance Party @ 2:00 pm


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