Mrs. Miller Had a Great Fall

Remember the old nursery rhyme about Humpty Dumpty and how he had a great fall? Sadly Humpty and I had the same story this weekend! It was a lovely, crispy Saturday morning, and it was so cozy I was in my socks snuggling up to be productive with my coffee. The door rang and in an effort to say hello I ran to door, (never run in socks on a wood floor…I tell my kids this all the time) I caught the edge of a step and fell. I had great pain in my foot and with 20 minutes I started to worry if this could be more than a little pain.

To make a long story short, I ended up in Urgent Care for X-rays and found I had a fractured metatarsal. Sadly I had just run 9 miles that morning…my last run for at least 6 weeks. I’m adjusting to my new normal, but wanted to share the news with my 206 family to keep you in the know.

The pain is decently minimal and I’m so grateful its my left foot, but it’s been humbling for sure to ask for help and receive help. In my job and my nature I am typically the helper. I’m on crutches for now and will know more this week. Everything takes a little more effort and a little more time, but after the first hours of the initial blow, I came to the realization that this scenario and my life could be so much worse. I was reminded of the many people going through really hard things right now. I am a big believer in gratitude being a healer! This is a constant effort to maintain this focus, but if you are going through anything challenging right now (and if you are a parent of young children in Covid, I know you are) I am trying to stay aligned to this gratitude perspective. It not only saves me, but reminds me of all the loves in my life….one of them being your children and your trust! Thank you for giving me a great gratitude to refocus on and for your patience in the weeks ahead!

Mrs. Miller


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